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Dodo´s Mediterrasian Restaurant is an innovative concept in the very heart of Valencia, where you can enjoy everything from a rich and healthy breakfast or lunch to a wide range of Mediterranean and Korean cuisine. All this in a cozy atmosphere.

And if you are a fan of cocktails, you may want to taste one of our specialties during Happy Hour

(Friday and Saturday from 16: 00-20: 00)


The Mediterranean Diet, more than a diet, is a whole philosophy of life based on a different way of eating and cooking food, sharing it and enjoying our environment.
It is ours, the same as always, made up of fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, olive oil and fish.
For this reason, we prepare a weekly menu with cooked food, as our grandmothers did with zero kilometer products (the traditional ones of our country and seasonal) and another menu on weekends to taste, share and enjoy a relaxed and pleasant environment.


Korean cuisine is mainly based on rice, vegetables and meat. Cooked rice is the fundamental element, which is accompanied by various meat and fish dishes, along with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and fermented foods in a kind of brine. Among the best known fermented ones, stand out kimchi and soy berry sauce and other jang, or condiments that mature for long periods of time (doenjang- fermented bean paste, gochujang-fermented red chili paste)


Enjoy with us the best flavors of craft beer thanks to our 100% natural malt and our own production method. You can’t go through Valencia without trying our beers!

Try our exclusive Dodo beer together with friends. Belgian white: 5.5% alcohol. Refreshing aromas and citrus flavors. With hints of malt and wheat barley
8.3% alcohol. Aromatic details of Belgian malt and caramel. Flavors with bread, spices and hints of honey. Round and full of nuances.
6.3% alcohol. Subtle aroma with four jumps. Floral varieties with a slight presence with light touches of citrus, grapefruit and mandarin oranges. And soft touches of wood and peat.
5.4% alcohol. With hints of toast and brownie. Creamy and rounded on the palate with low carbonation.


In the services sector, we make a difference by offering you exclusivity. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our clients. Knowing that a client recommends us is the highest compliment to us.


Our team always ready, organizes gastronomic days such as wine tastings, thematic dinners, visits to wineries, private events and of course during the Fallas we organize experiences to enjoy the Mascletàs from above. You can check our agenda here. Each event is unique and unrepeatable. Do not forget to follow us and mention us on social networks using the hashtag #Dodovlc


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